SMU MBA Solved Assignments 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MBA - MB0039 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0039 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0039 -  Business Communication

Assignment Set- 1

Q1. List the importance of effective communication in the workplace

Q2. Explain the different aspects of non-verbal communication

Q3. Write short notes on (a) Upward communication (b) Downward communication (c) Horizontal communication

Q4. Explain the different barriers to listening .List the differences between discriminative listening and comprehension listening

Q5. Discuss the principles of business writing

Q6. Explain the advantages of oral communication with the help of suitable example.

Assignment Set- 2 

Q1. List the differences between extensive reading and intensive reading

Q2. Explain the different advantages and disadvantages of intranet.

Q3. List the different principles of business letter writing.

Q4. Write short notes on (a) corporate identity advertising (b) institutional advertising

Q5. Discuss the different types of business reports

Q6. List the different steps involved in report preparation


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