SMU MBA Solved Assignments 2012

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

MBA - MB0043 Assignment Feb 2012

MBA - MB0043 1st Semester Assignment, Spring / Feb 2012

MB0043 –Human Resource Management

Assignment Set- 1 

Q1. Explain the need for human resource planning.

Q2. What are the objectives of job evaluation?

Q3. Why is it important to handle grievances carefully?

Q4. How can we evaluate the effectiveness of training programs conducted in organizations?

Q5. What are the objectives of human relations?

Q6. Assume yourself as an HR Manager. You have been given the responsibility of promoting the rightful employees. For this, performance appraisal of the employees must be carried out. What appraisal method would you choose? Justify.

Assignment Set- 2

Q1. State the major career development activities found in organizations.

Q2. What are the major problems faced in benefits management?

Q3. What are the factors that impact recruitment in organizations?

Q4. Explain the general procedures followed in the case of a disciplinary action.

Q5. Trace out the growth of Human Resource Management in India.

Q6. Assume yourself as an HR Manager of a publishing house. You find that the morale of the employees is generally low. What steps would you take to improve employee morale?

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